Values are basically inbuilt ideas, shared practices, perceptions and outlooks.

Below is the summary of these values:

  1. Academic programmes
  2. Cosmopolitan staff and students composition
  3. Conducive and secured physical and social compound
  4. Reputation for quality and institutional discipline
  5. Strong community service
  6. Quality and variety of learning
  7. Quality and variety of sports and recreational activities


A vision is a mental picture of a desired goal. It revolves around foresight, broad goals, objectives, dreams, imaginations, thoughts, processes and expectations. It is a broad picture.

In addition, vision is best defined as identifying cherished hopes and projecting them into the future. For Zerephat Technical Academy, our vision is as follows:

To be a world-class technical academy that engages in imparting knowledge to Nigerian children. We boast of high quality facilities and space to carryout good academy and quality learning. Through freedom of membership, the school will turn out children drawn out from various segments of the country that would be productive, functional, and happy.

Due to the fact that the school is both academic in nature, it will reduce joblessness, hooliganism and by so doing increase productivity and happy individuals.


The mission of any institution expresses the underlying design, aim and trust of such an institution. This expression incorporates purpose orientation, expectations, set-objectives and goals. For us, our mission is as follows:

  • To advance learning and break new grounds, through teaching and learning and dissemination of knowledge of the highest quality;
  • To establish and foster national and international traditions and cultures;
  • To serve as a model and conscience of the society;
  • To produce high manpower and enhance capacity-building through academic and entrepreneurial education that will meet the needs and challenges of the 21st century.


To ensure this, Zerephat Technical Academy will conduct international scrutiny of the workings of the institution. This will ensure quality control and maintenance of our institution.

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