The History of Zerephat Technical Academy

A brief history of Zerephat Technical Academy….

The School Zerephat Technical Academy is an offshoot of Zerephat Widows Rehabilitation and Empowerment Program (project widows), established in 1997 by Rev. Fr. Prof. Dominic Arize Oliagba in response to the growing need to help the increasing number of widows in Kaduna State of Nigeria to be self-supporting and entrepreneurial.

With time and due to the need to help the number of youths roaming the streets without jobs, the Zerephat Widows Project was extended to adults and adolescents to enable them become entrepreneurial so as to be resourceful, functional and happy, thereby contributing to their individual development and that of the society.

Since it’s inception in 1997, the Zerephat Widows have held numerous workshops for widows, and have assisted a large number of them financially, after coaching them on how to be self-supporting.

In 2010, Zerephat Technical Academy was established so as to assist the large growing number of children to be both educated and entrepreneurial. Children of this school learn various skills, such as wood work, metal and aluminum fabrication of chairs, doors and windows. Other skills include tailoring, fabric dying, technical drawing, plumbing, building, construction and home economics.

Right now we’re at the point of registering the school (ZTA) to be eligible to take both national and international examinations (NECO and WAEC).


In Zerephat Technical Academy, we place a very high regard on religious and moral values. We have in our academic staff a team of men and women of high integrity that are blessed with moral and spiritual values.

Send your children to Zerephat Technical Academy where we put them at the centre of what we do.

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