Zerephat Widows Rehabilitation and Empowerment Program

Empowering widows, touching lives.

Zerephat Widows Rehabilitation and Empowerment Program (project widows), established in 1997 Rev. Fr. Prof. Dominic Arize Oliagba in response to the growing need to help the increasing number of widows in Kaduna State of Nigeria. With time and due to the need to help the number of youths roaming the streets without jobs, the Zerephat Widows Project was extended to adults and young adults to enable them become entrepreneurial so as to be resourceful, functional and happy, thereby contributing to their individual development and that of the society. Since it’s inception in 1997, the Zerephat Widows has held numerous workshops for widows, and have assisted a large number of them financially, so as to help them to be self-supporting, functional and happy.

The following are some pictures from workshops and training sessions held with the widows

A photo shoot with some of the widows

Some of the women receiving lessons on how to mix flour for baking

They were also thought to knit as well!


Inspecting a finished item

In this picture some women take instructions on how to use a knitting machine

An instructor unboxing a sewing machine
An instructor explains the components and functions of a sewing machine to the women who pay attention keenly

Learning how to sew

Women practicing how to sew for the first time with papers

…..and celebrating the results

Now, with some stipends, they can be able to start up something on their own

Everybody’s happy!