Mary & Martha Nursery and Primary School

This school is also an offshoot of Zerephat Technical Academy. Here, emphasis is placed on primary and secondary school curriculum.

This school was founded in 2016 as a way of helping rural farmers’ children gain education. We have now, a large space to accommodate a large number of children, and structures to house more than three hundred children.

However, the most important and pressing problem is the issue of payment of school fees and purchasing of books, uniforms and materials needed for their learning.

Parents from this segment of the society engage in polygamy and bear large number of children they cannot sponsor and pay their school fees. As a result of this, we find it difficult to pay the staff salary and maintain the school. The fees is four thousand naira per term and twelve thousand naira per year (it’s equivalent in dollars is $35 per year).

We therefore call on any person who would like to assist these families, and ensure that the children of these rural farmers gain quality education to do so by sending donations to any of these accounts:

NIGERIAN ACCOUNT: zerephat technical academy – 1007184087 (Keystone Bank)

US ACCOUNT: Rev. Dominic Oliagba – 4307371560 (TD Bank)

Graduating pupils of Mary and Martha